What is Filler?

What is Anime Filler?


Filler can be interpreted as a few different things. In most cases it’s where the animation company creates new content that does not follow the original manga that the animation is built off. This added animation doesn’t add to the core story line and is made so the animation doesn’t catch up with the manga. It can also be made to produce more episodes thus dragging out the franchise and making more sale.


As I said above anime filler an be interpreted as a few different things. The explanation above is the most common but it can also be for anime that don’t have a manga they are based off. In this case filler would be classed as any episodes or series of episodes that start and finish at the same point with absolutely no story progression or character development. It can even be a re cap episode that only replays over the past events of the saga.


Basically it ‘Fills in’ episodes in-between the main story plot to make the series longer.